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Convergent Sales Strategies - Your Business Development, Management, Technology, and Export Advisors
Convergent Sales Strategies, Inc. Denver, CO
Focusing Ideas   Optimizing Strategies   Maximizing Results

  • Dynamic Business Optimization (TM)
             Revenue Maximization – Sales Cycle Acceleration – Closure Rate Improvement, Bench Marking and Change Management,
             Strategic Planning and Tactical Execution Strategies. Customer and Employee Retention Practices,
             Reduction of Operating Costs. Identification of Opportunities to Create Sustainable Competitive Advantages.  

  • Productivity and Profit Optimization
           Employing a Triad of Analytical Optimization Strategies to Maximize the Return on Your Investment
           in People, Processes, and Products. We provide firms with a "Force Multiplier," managing operations.
           Use of Limited Resources to Deliver Exceptional Results.

  • Global Market Expansion Strategies​, Including Export Readiness Assessment
          "Strategies for Making Your Competition Irrelevant." Disruptive Market Penetration, Creating
           a Sustainable Competitive Advantage. Product Internationalization, Export Branding, Pricing,
           Distribution, and INCOTERM Compliance. Channel Compensation Practices, Cross-cultural Sales
           Training, Partner Selection, and International Contract Negotiation Strategies.

  • SmartHiring(TM)  A Process for Empowering Management to Identify High-Performance Candidates.
           Replace ineffective, subjective hiring decisions with a proven process that objectively, quantifiably, and uniformly defines            position criteria. The process coaches the hiring team to define, and weight "must-have" attributes and "must-not- have"            candidate traits, thus creating a vested interest in the hiring team to define, identify, and successfully onboard key hires.            This objective process has totally eliminated post-hire surprises and “hiring remorse”.

       Exceptional performance is possible only by hiring the right people, who are fully engaged, have the right skills, and                   possess attitudes and commitment to your shared vision.

​        Convergent Sales Strategies helps clients increase stakeholder value, bringing fresh, independent perspectives to management.
        CSSI works collaboratively with each client to optimize and execute strategic and tactical objectives.
                              "Good to great leaders FIRST got the right people on the bus,
                                          the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats
                                                    — and THEN they figured out where to drive it." 
                                                                        — JIM COLLINS, III, BUSINESS AUTHOR and LECTURER (b. 1958)